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Welcome to StoneHeart!
We hope you enjoy your stay.
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Bug Report

As StoneHeart is in beta, we acknowledge that some parts of the server may not be as polished as we want them to be. Obviously, this means that bugs are quite likely, and as they are found and reported, Administrators and Developers will work together to resolve the issues.

It is the player's responsibility to report bugs. If you find a bug, fail to report it, and use it to gain an advantage over other players, then you will be punished severely.

Upon Submission:
  • You will be kept updated (within reason), with the progress of the resolution of your report.
  • You may be contacted with a request for further information and evidence.
  • Any player who finds and reports a valid bug which later leads to a resolution by the server Developers or Administrators will be rewarded in-game. This reward will be proportionate to the significance of the bug.
  • Any reward given is at the discretion of the Administrators, and may be modified or otherwise withdrawn at any time.